ahoy there, and welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard Ambitious charters… and the day you’ll remember forever!

The goal of AMBITIOUS CHARTERS … is to give you a boating experience that will exceed your expectations and delight you and your family and/or guests.

Do you love the water? Do you enjoy new adventures? Are you considering a boating lifestyle? Is there someplace you want to go by boat? Have you ever looked out on the water, or marina, and wondered what a day on one of those fabulous boats is like?

Well wonder no more!

Whatever your reason, AMBITIOUS is the Charter boat for you!

How? Simple. We plan a day that takes advantage of the waterways and vistas that make Michigan and the Great Lakes the treasures that they are! I’ll mention a few possibilities on the Adventures page. We can usually plan a day with a simple phone call.

Who? Well … We have a little something for everyone… Mom and the kids out for a day of swimming and relaxing away from the hustle … Dad and his buddy out for a little SCUBA diving, or perhaps an evening sunset cruise to kindle romance for you and your special someone. Maybe sorority sisters on a reunion,  junket out for a day of sunbathing and catching up on all that’s good.

AMBITIOUS Charters is a First Class way to soak up a day!

Where? You have lots of choices… and all of them are fabulous! Whether it’s a fall evening color tour on Grand Traverse Bay or an all day excursion to Charlevoix, your choices are limited only to your time and desire.

AMBITIOUS Charters was conceived to share what I have been fortunate enough to experience in my 35 years of Great Lakes boating with folks who have curiosity that beckons for nautical adventure!

Essentially, AMBITIOUS is a fine vessel for you to enjoy without the burden and cost of ownership.

Give Captain Mike a call!  231.360.7500

Visit AMBITIOUS Traverse City Boat Charters and Experience Northern Michigan in Style!

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