Geocaching Power Island Michigan with Ambitious Charters is a first Class way to Power Island for GC35 and the three additional Caches on the Island.

We had quite a few GeoCachers achieve their Jasmer last year!

Captain Mike thoroughly enjoys servicing the Geocaching community by safely and efficiently getting you to Power Island and back, all while sharing information about the area, our beautiful Grand Traverse Bay, and the Traverse City way of life.

This is a very popular two hour charter!

Power Island History

Power Island Bowers Harbor, West Grand Traverse Bay, Traverse City • Call Captain Mike Today 231-360-7500

Formerly known as Marion Island but recently renamed for philanthropist Eugene Power of Ann Arbor, this is a 205-acre island nature preserve in West Grand Traverse Bay just off Bower’s Harbor. This island is one of the last undeveloped Great Lakes islands in close proximity to an urban area. It is filled with a beautiful stand of northern hardwoods, including beech, sugar maple, basswood and red oak, as well as more than 250 plant species. Wildlife includes red fox and bobcat who prey on such small mammals as the meadow vole, woodland deer mouse and short-tailed shrew. Bird-watchers will likely see the red-eyed vireo, American goldfinch, Veery and Bank and Tree Swallow. Approximately 11 miles of hiking trails weave through the island’s interior. Due to Power Island’s proximity to Traverse City, it is a popular boating and picnicking destination.

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What an amazing trip! (visiting Power Island)




Meet Your Captain

Captain Michael Nowak is a zero loss and trustworthy Captain.

His credentials include:

  • U.S.C.G. Ref# 3437632 | 100-ton Master – Great Lakes and Inland Waters
  • US Powerboating Certified Cruising Powerboat Instructor, Instructor #040
  • Search-and-Rescue SCUBA Diver
  • Private Pilot

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