Traverse City Charter Boat Rates | Captain Mike will deliver an experience to you and your family in a safe and competent manner for a day.

Consider going out and plopping down a hundred thousand dollars on a boat and putting in 35 years of running watercraft in and around the Great Lakes, versus, flipping a few hundred dollars to the captain who will deliver that same experience. Sounds like a fair deal. This is really the axiom that drives the charter boat industry.

I operate AMBITIOUS in a simple manner. AMBITIOUS fueled with crew and ice – $250 an hour. Hourly rate can fluxuate on lower fuel consumption tours.

Economic realities at this time leave the potential for a fuel surcharge.

Let me give you a few examples:

A couple staying at the Park Place on their anniversary in Traverse City, enjoyed bottle of wine and some pate’ while listening to Frank Sinatra CDs for a couple hours one evening while floating in West Grand Traverse Bay… Lovely folks …. $500

Three visitors to Traverse City looking for a running tour of West Traverse Bay: Mission Peninsula, Bowers Harbor, Power Island, and Leelanau Shore. Two hour running tour … $500

Three Sisters getting together without their extended families, for a day of boating, shopping and dining. You know, being sisters! 10am Traverse City Departure, Charlevoix for lunch and shopping, back across Grand Traverse Bay to Northport for dinner, and a sunset cruise down the Leelanau Peninsula arriving back in Traverse City at 9pm.
They’ll tell ya… Best day ever! …. $1800

Two couples sharing expense for an afternoon in Omena Bay at anchor for swimming and sunbathing and their own picnic lunch… Noon to five … $900

Family of four for a day outing 10am to 5pm from Traverse City to Bowers Harbor and Power Island for swimming & picnicking. Kids slept like logs that night I’m sure … $1200

So … There are a few examples of charter pricing.
Think about how you would like to enjoy AMBITIOUS and the stunning Great Lakes!

Give Captain Mike a call… 231.360.7500

Traverse City Charter Boat Rates
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