What to Bring on a Charter Boat

What to Bring on a Charter Boat

Well first… Everyone asks this question…

This tells me, it’s a good question… Secondly, it’s hard to answer, because it depends on individual needs, activity, season, possible weather range, yadda yadda yadda….

I did however answer one fella and his wife when he asked … I told him…. ” Bring half a what you think you need….. and twice the money.”

They showed up in swim suits and T-shirts, and ended up six hours later with take out lobster on the swim platform with their toes in the water facing a sunset…. Priceless.

What to Bring on a Charter Boat?

Seriously….what should be in your daypack?

Good sunglasses, sunscreen, and hat with brim or bill will ensure that your memory of AMBITIOUS is NOT a sunburn!

  • A three season jacket is more than sufficient in most conditions.
  • Soft-soled, non-marring shoes… AMBITIOUS is all white!
  • Any medications you require. Sea sickness pills should be taken prior to voyage if you are subject.
  • Bring snacks if you like, things that don’t stain if you can. Unwrap and serve type goodies are best. We have ice aboard to cool or, mix into, your refreshments. 😉
  • The stereo system is CD compatible as well as USB. Bring your own music!
  • We have paper and plastic picnic amenities on board.
  • Please avoid glass containers if you can. Please avoid wearing clothes with hardware that could tear cushions and scratch fiberglass. (jeans with bling)

Beyond that, anything that you may want to add to enjoyment of your day!

If it’s big or heavy (like a kayak, or paddle board) better talk to Cap’n Mike first…

Speaking of talking to Captain Mike….. Have you?

Give Captain Mike a call… 231.360.7500


What to Bring on a Charter Boat